Saturday, 16 April 2016

Chicken biryani

Chicken Biryani is not only very popular in telangana,India but also famous around the world.

It's so famous that most of the countries have exclusive biryani restaurants and takeaways.


Chicken marination:

Chicken: 1 kilogram

Lemon juice: 3/4 cup

Yogurt or curd: 2 cups 

Salt: 4 table spoons

Ginger garlic paste: 4 tablespoons.

Mix above ingredients along with chicken and marinate it overnight or for 2 hours.

Ingredients required after marination:

Red chilli powder: 3 table spoons.

Green chillies paste: 1 table spoons

Garam masala: 3 teaspoons

Fried onions : 3 cups

Oil: 1 cup

Ghee: 4 tablespoons

Coriander leaves: 7 - 8 strands of coriander leaves(chopped)

Mint leaves: 7 - 8 of mint leaves(chopped).

Now add all these ingredients to above marinade and mix it well and keep aside.

Basmati Rice: 8 cups

Salt: 2 teaspoons

Lemon juice: 4 tablespoons

Color: 1 pinch(optional)

Water: 15 cups


 Cook the rice aldent(half cooked) with required salt and water and pour it in the colander to drain excess water.

Once all the water is gone add it on top of the marinade.

Now add color to the 4 tablespoons of lemon juice and drizzle over the rice and cover it with a lid and cook on medium to high flame for 10 minutes,and later reduce the flame and cook for another 35 minutes.

After first 10 minutes put an unused pan underneath this container and slow cook for rest of the time.

You can either pack it up with dough on top(lid and container)to prevent steam from escaping or put a heavy weight on it to prevent steam from escaping.

Once done switch it off and let it cool a bit and then mix it nicely to spread the cooked marinade evenly (tossing is best than using a spoon to mix,just to retain long grain shape)

Serve it with raitha( beaten yougurt,with shredded carrot,chopped coriander and salt) and sliced onions and lemon.

Happy cooking😊😊


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