Thursday, 14 April 2016

Home made Yougurt or curd

Home made yogurt it quite common in India but in overseas especially in colder climates it's very problematic to make yogurt.

I prefer home made yogurt.which you can make in the comfort of your own home and how much and when ever you want.

Let's make yogurt:

Milk (not trim or lite version) : 1 litre

Yougurt : 5 table spoons

Hot water : as per requirement


Boil the milk for sometime until you can see a layer of cream on top.

Switch it off and get it off the flame and cool it for 10 minutes or so.

Don't let it cool too much,it should be still hot when you add yougurt to it(unlike India where you almost cool it completely)

Mix it thoroughly or  pour it from one container to another couple of times to mix it well.

Now pour little boiled water from kettle to a pan with enclosed lid ( example pressure cooker) and immerse this bowl of  milk with mixed yougurt for curdling and cover this with a plate and close with  the pan's lid.

Water level should be below the level of  yougurt container .

Don't use glass,as it can crack with the change of temperatures,stainless steel would be a better option.

Hope you can start making yougurt at the comfort of you own home.

Enjoy  yummy,delicious,sweet yougurt rich in probiotics everyday,Happy Cooking😊😊

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