Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Mamidikaya pachadi (mango pickle)

That fresh aroma and taste of mamidikaya pachadi with rice and ghee on top is so mouth watering.

If it is summer in India (Especially Telugu states) it calls for mango pickle,because that's when you get tough raw sour mangoes.

Ingredients :
Mangoes: 10 diced in cubes.
Red chilli powder: 300grams.
Mustard  seeds : 100 grams
Cumin seeds:20 grams
fenugreek seeds:35 grams
Salt: 200gms.
Peanut Oil: 1 kilo
Garlic paste: 4 tablespoons
Garlic cloves: 20 peeled


First wash and cut mangoes to bite size pieces,and dry them with a clean towel.

Slightly dry roast cumin and fenugreek seeds,but not mustard seeds.

Heat the oil little and cool it down completely.(slightly heat it donot over heat it).

Now grind all the seeds(fenugreek,cumin,mustard) individually,one after the other.

Now put chopped mangoes in a large bowl and add all the powders one after the other and mix them well.

Now add red chilli powder,salt and mix them well.

Later add garlic paste and mix thoroughly.

Now add garlic cloves and oil,and check the taste of salt and chilli powder.

Now lubricate the jar with garlic paste and store the pachadi in this jar.

After 3 days check for salt and red chilli powder and you can add little bit of salt and red chilli powder,if it is less.

Salt acts as preservative so ,if salt is less pachadi will be spoiled quickly.

Serve it with hot rice and ghee,it tastes so yumm.

Happy cooking😊😊

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