Saturday, 7 May 2016

Idli with Peanut Chutney

Idli is a steamed food made of black gram(urad dal) and semolina( idli ravva).

It's not only very healthy but also easily digestible food,which requires very less or no oil.

Ingredients: for idli batter
Urad dal(minapappu):1 cup
Semolina(idli ravva): 2 cups

Soak these two ingredients separately at least for 2 hours and grind only urad dal not ravva to smooth paste.

Now wash and clean soaked  ravva and squeeze water out of this and add it to urad dal paste and mix it well.

And let this ferment,usually overnight in colder climates,once it ferments add salt and keep it ready.

Now lubricate idli moulds with little oil and fill it with fermented idli batter and  steam for 15 minutes on high flame.

Serve it with peanut chutney and/or any podi.

Peanut chutney look for Dosa with peanut chutney recipe.

Note; donot add salt before fermentation,add after it ferments.

Enjoy cooking😊😊