Sunday, 19 June 2016

Sunundalu or urad dal laddu

Sunundalu are made with black lentils( minapappu or urad dal ),they are not only tasty but healthy too,especially for kids.

 Black lentils:500gm
 Ghee: 250gm
 Rice: 120gm

Dry roast black lentils(minapappu) and rice separately on low flame.

Melt the ghee,just until it is warm not too hot and keep it aside.

Roast cashews and almonds in ghee and chop them into halves.

Later grind roasted black lentils (minapappu),rice and sugar to almost fine powder.

Now take grounded powder in a bowl, add roasted and halved nuts and add ghee and make round laddu's.

Delicious and healthy Sunundalu are ready in no time.

Happy cooking😊😊